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This featue is about ONOSFW proposal in OPNFV



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      Drake Sprint 2 (7/27-8/14) 2


      The main purpose of this feature is to integrate ONOS and OpenStack, making ONOS to be OPNFV network and virtualization infrastructure management platform。
      The whole project includes following three functional modules.
      North bound interface in restful interacting with OpenStack are used to Support ML2 multiple tenent bussiness (including Network/Subnet/Port) transmission, so that the unified management of virtual network resources are managed by ONOS.
      Virtual tenant network(VTN) application provide tenent L2 network service. It can be used to implement virtual network and infrastructure network mapping and L2 flowrule transmission. L2 flow rule includes local mac unicast flowrule、 remote mac unicast flowrule、flowrule to capture arp packets and broadcast flowrule. virtual network and infrastructure network mapping means the binding releationshio between infrastructure network elements(like switch、port、interface, etc) and virtual network elements(including Network/Subnet/Port). Based on the binding releationship we can generate correct flowrule to direct forwarding.
      South Bound plugin supports OVSDB protocal. It can be used to synchronize the basic network configuration data to ONOS south bound inventory module, and the driver in south bound plugin response to generate cconfiguration to create infrastructure network resource and transmit them. The configuration information includes the creation and deletion of OVS and port, the creation and deletion of Vxlan tunnel, the setup of openflow channel, in addition, it can be used to report infrastructure network resource to ONOS core, such as reporting compute/network node information to device subsystem, Vxlan tunnel information to tunnel subsystem, VM information to host subsystem.


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