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New FlowObjective compiler for LinkCollection Intent


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      Junco Sprint #3 - Deployment, Junco Sprint #4 - Deployment, K Sprint #1 - Northbound, K Sprint #2 - Northbound


      Design document: https://goo.gl/VMKD1m
      Specification: https://goo.gl/7Ah5FE

      1. For some pipeline (e.g. OF-DPA), it only provides one forwarding/flood group for one tag(vlan/mpls)
      2. To solve issue 1, we need to share same group for different intent, to use same group, we need to use same next id for different <resource group, device>. So we need a distribute store to store it. And we might need to handle race condition problem.
      3. We shouldn't consider issue 1 and 2, it makes compiler not general.
      4. The Intent Installer and Pipeline Lower level mechanism should handle issue 1 and issue 2.
      5. Some pipeline might need to use filtering objective. We need to generate it from compiler.
      6. Specification for translate from forward instruction to flow objectives was not defined
      7. Change compiler directly will cause Corsa pipeline unstable

      1. Use ResourceGroup for different groups of intent. (Resource sharing only)
      2. Allocate nextid by resource service, using ResourceGroup+DeviceId
      3. Allocate Next ID by using flow objective service (Different intent will generate different Next ID when compile it)
      4. New test for LinkCollectionIntentFlowObjectiveCompiler
      5. Specification can be reviewed now: https://goo.gl/7Ah5FE
      6. To resolve issue 7, add new compiler directly, and register compiler according to the configuration
      7. Put deprecate tag to old compiler, announce this change.


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