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Someone took the Wii U without asking - games, accessories still missing



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      Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of anti-social behavior going on in the lab recently: people making messes, leaving dishes in the sink rather than in the dishwasher, putting garbage and trash into recycling bins, not leaving meeting rooms that other people have reserved, etc..

      The worst example of this for me has been someone taking the Wii U without asking or even informing us!! After I sent out an email message, it was mostly returned, but at least two games (MarioKart Wii and Super Luigi U) and a couple of accessories are still missing!! It was particularly bad for me since I had carefully picked all of the games and also purchased many of the games and accessories myself for the lab, to bring a bit more happiness, creativity and fun to our workplace. (These things are far more important than you might think, especially in an organization that is trying to innovate and change industry practice!)

      What has happened to common sense and courtesy? Didn't we learn all of this stuff in kindergarten? How difficult is it to clean up after yourself, to put things away after you take them out, to not take things that aren't yours without permission, and to take turns according to the rules that we have all agreed on?

      In order for ONOS to succeed as a project, and for us to succeed as an organization, we need to take care of our shared workspace and infrastructure (including everything from servers to kitchen appliances to game machines) as well as all of the things and people around us!


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