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OAM/CFM: update MAs already pushed to NETCONF devices when new RMEP is added



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.10.0, 1.12.0
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      as per the following conversation on slack:

      maxc [11:37 AM]
      Is it possible to create an MA without a list of remote MEPs, then add MEPs to the remote list as they are created? Or, must all remote MEPs be declared at the time of creation of the MA?

      seancondon [11:41 AM]
      It's a little bit tricky. If no MEPs have been created then it is possible to add Remote Meps. Otherwise Remote Meps can be created under the MA, but they will not be propagated down to the device, which is a problem. It could be fixed (in theory a MEP should be able to listen out to events from an MA and update the MEP)

      maxc [11:48 AM]
      Ok, so if I’m understanding correctly, it isn’t possible to create an MA with an empty remote MEP list, then update that MA’s empty remote MEP list with a new MEP I want to create because that updated MEP list won’t propagate down to the device?

      seancondon [11:51 AM]
      the first one will be OK because the MA is not pushed down to the device until the first MEP is created. The second one will be the problem, as the MA will already be on the first device and will not get updated. The MEP id's are abstract though and could be defined in advance, but the problem is you don't know how many you'll have


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