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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Development
Sub-task ONOS-2331

ONOS-2172 Create perf test READMEs

Cameron Franke Cameron Franke Minor Closed Done
Sub-task ONOS-2303

ONOS-2172 move perf scale test to production testbed

Cameron Franke suibin Critical Closed Done
Sub-task ONOS-2175

ONOS-2172 move HA to bm production testbed

Jon Hall suibin Critical Closed Done
Sub-task ONOS-2174

ONOS-2172 Move New Functional Tests to Prod. Testbed

Kelvin Flores suibin Critical Closed Done
Sub-task ONOS-2173

ONOS-2172 Create Jenkins view and jobs for production tests

suibin suibin Critical Closed Done